Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Puzzle battling time! Todays game is FloboPuyo. Though the name is a bit odd, this classic "connect three or more and they dissappear"-puzzle really is an enjoyable game. While the concept is simple, FloboPuyo comes to life when battling another human opponent. Success for one player means hardships for the other, as the battling aspect of the game results in matches where the rush of success when removing a big bunch of blobs from your own screen also results in mirth as those blobs fill up your opponents screen instead. The same goes for battling a computer opponent of course, but a human player is decidedly more fun.
Cute blobs, nice graphical effects and a very high degree of polish rounds up this classic puzzle experience, which is very much worth a try. Get it here, or from your favorite package manager. :)

It might not look it, but a fierce battle is taking place here.

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