Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Blog Development

Since I started this blog, my focus has been on listing good games together with short descriptions of why I think they are great. So I was thinking about what else to write about here and came up with some fun ideas:
  • Longer more in-depth reviews of select games.
  • Top lists with my favorite FOSS games in various genres.
  • Features with specific themes, for example co-op games or high-end games.
  • Development history, looking at how certain games have evolved.
  • Previews of interesting projects early in development.
  • Videos or trailers with comments.
I might do some or all of these, or something completely different. I still wish to have this page cleanly focused on listing good games of various types, so it can work as a "best off" page, where you can find something fun and free to play no matter which type or genre you're looking for. But it would also be fun to put in some more personal reflections to set it apart from just another game archive.

If anyone who reads this have any ideas or preferences, please tell me in the comment section! :)

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