Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The Dark Mod - 2.07

Impressive stealth-game The Dark Mod has got a new update. It's primarily a stability release that improves many of the new things introduced in the last release, such as soft shadows. There are also various smaller improvements to gameplay and a few new assets. As before, this is a very polished and nice looking game!

Sneaking around in The Dark Mod. Notice the impressive shadows!

Friday, 8 February 2019

Dead Ascend

I believe I have mentioned Dead Ascend a long time ago, but it has got several updates since then so I thought it deserved another post. It's a hand-drawn adventure game where zombies have got you stuck in an old radio tower which you'll have to climb in order to get rescued. Played like a classic point and click adventure you'll have to brave various puzzles on your way through the games environments. The game has got several fixes and new translations since last time, so if you missed it then here is a new chance.

Brave mind-boggling puzzles in Dead Ascend.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Infinite Tux

Infinite Tux is a free and open source variant of a game called Infinite Mario and replaces the proprietary graphics with free alternatives. The game generates platforming levels procedurally so you will always have something new to play. It creates both worlds and levels and seems to play really smooth and well. Have a go if you fancy some fast-paced platforming!

Running along the platforms in Infinite Tux.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Unknown Horizons

The description of Unknown Horizons from it's official page describes the project very well:
A 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis on economy and city building. Expand your small settlement to a strong and wealthy colony, collect taxes and supply your inhabitants with valuable goods. Increase your power with a well balanced economy and with strategic trade and diplomacy. 
The game certainly lives up to that and I can attest that it is really fun to play. The game recently got a new release called 2019.1, which follows up from the gigantic release made in 2017. I've been following the progess of development and have been impressed by how much that has been done with this game during the last few years. This new release has, among other things, an isometric mini-map that shows the same rotation as the main game view and ambient objects that makes the world more varied and nicer to look at. There are of course also many internal improvements and fixes of all kinds. A great time to give this excellent game a go!

A nice little settlement in Unknown Horizons.

Saturday, 26 January 2019

FAR Colony

FAR Colony is a space strategy game that can be played both in realtime or in a turn based fashion, depending on what the player prefers. It's complex and in-depth game where lots of thought has got into every part. I have mentioned it a few times before, but it was quite a while ago now so I thought it deserved a heads-up. Development still seems very active, with something new almost every week. If you are looking for a really grand space strategy game, this might be where to look!

An overview of a settlement in FAR Colony, showing a Nuclear Fission Reactor.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Wyrmsun - 3.5

Wyrmsun keeps up the regular releases, this time with a winter theme. This classic-styled RTS now has seasons that passes as the game goes on, making this a winter-release in more ways than one. Seasons change the terrain and the day/night cycle, adding new aspects to this tactical game. As always there is a ton of other changes too, so make sure to check this excellent title out.

Wyrmsun showing a small settlement in winter.