Thursday, 17 January 2019

The Legend of Edgar

I just noticed that I have completely missed to mention the nice metroidvania-like platformer The Legend of Edgar here! This exploration-focused 2D platformer with huge persistent levels, boss battles, several weapons to wield, etc. is really well made and also has the benefit of being complete, with story and all! Also you can play with a gamepad, which I always find is a big plus.

Edgar with sword in hand on his epic quest.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

0 A.D. - Alpha 23 Re-release

Hasn't Alpha 23 of the impressive 3D RTS 0 A.D. already been released? It has, but now it's been re-released with several bugs and other maintenance-related things fixed. Many improvements has been made to online play and security and there are also a few other fixes. If you play this game an update is recommended while waiting for a new feature-release.

A battle at sea in 0 A.D. Notice the beautiful water!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

SuperTux - 0.6.0

Legendary platformer SuperTux has got a huge update called 0.6.0. Since it was some time since the last one, there are loads of new things included. The Ice and Forest worlds has got a complete redesign, graphics have been updated and effects have been added, the rendering engine has been improved which means the game will perform better, etc, etc. This is a very fun game with lots of content, well worth it for fans of the genre.

An underground level with cool light effects in SuperTux.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Open Fodder

Open Fodder is simply put an open source clone of the game Cannon Fodder. As with most similar remakes you will need the original data files to play, and because I don't have them I can't say how far the project has come. But it seems to be rather complete juding from the screenshots and available information, even having support for several different campaigns from various versions of the game, so fans of this classic ought to check it out.

Thursday, 27 December 2018


This one is a bit special, as it's not an actual game. But I found it interesting, so I decided to mention it anyway. Athenaeum is described as a libre replacement for Steam. That is, it is an application where you can download and catalogue games. You can download games to your collection, keep them updated or uninstall them. All downloaded games are displayed in a practical list and there are even screenshots and descriptions. All in all a cool concept that might help you discover new games to play or just make it easier to keep track of them. I should mention this seems to be early in development, but the main functionality is there and it does look really cool!

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Pixel Wheels

Another surprise discovery: Pixel Wheels. I really like top-down racers, and this one has a very sleek and polished presentation, several tracks and cars, bonuses to pick up, great handling and even a split-screen multiplayer mode. Highly recommended and more finished that the version number entails.