About This Blog

This blog is all about Free Games. Not only are they free to download, they are also Free to share, study, modify and improve! If you are looking for some fun new games for your computer or if you are interested in the world of open source gaming, you can find it here. I hope to bring you the best the FOSS World has to offer gamers!

Also, I want to say that I don't always have time to try all these games. I play a lot of games, but for various reasons it might take some time before I actually try them. As I want these posts to be relevant and often want to display interesting games as soon as I find them, and not when I finally get to try them. So because of this I haven't played every game I post about.
I try to gather info from each project and portray it fairly anyway, but if someone feels I have missed something or written something that is incorrect about a game, please tell me! Just post a comment, and I'll fix!

Enjoy the blog! I sure do writing it! :D