Monday, 16 January 2017

Unknown Horizons - 2017.1

I was just browsing around for something new to write about, when I stumbled upon some very good news: The fantastic city building RTS project Unknown Horizons is not only alive, but has just got a shiny new release! The last release was from 2015, but now 2017.1 is out! The changelog is really long: there are new gameplay features, loads of new and updated graphics, new sounds, interface improvements, text improvements and loads of other things! The only caveat is that multiplayer might not work. If that is the case, it will most likely be fixed in coming releases, since it has worked nicely before. A must-try for strategy-sim interested!

This is a very old screen from Unknown Horizons, but I couldn't find a newer one right now.


  1. Did you try to download and play it ?

  2. I did, but the python start script would not run without me doing something, and I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn't check out what. I might give it another go some day, or wait until it gets packaged for Ubuntu in some way.