Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Armagetron Advanced

I rediscovered another classic free game a few days ago: Armagetron Advanced. I had almost forgotten how fun this simple concept was. Concept and visuals are based on the movie Tron. Each player controls a light cycle, racing around a square field trying not to crash in each others tails. It sort of reminds of a high-tech version of the classic "Snake"-game. It's all about quick reactions and split-second decisions in order to survive as long as possible and at least outlast the other players. It's quick, flashy and very "just once more"-friendly. And while the graphics are simple, the futuristic look still works well and a bunch of options makes it possible to tweak the game to fit any player.
Interested? Download now!

The screenshot might look a bit drab, but it does look very good in motion and high resolution.

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