Wednesday, 9 October 2013


SoulFu, which stands for the fantastic title "Secret of Ultimate Legendary Fantasy Unleashed", is a surprisingly well-made dungeon-crawler. Looking fantastic with it's nice cell-shaded graphics and pretty menus, SoulFu opens up by impressing with it's polish. The first thing you do in the game is creating a character, choosing from a variety of classes, clothes and stats. You are then dropped into SoulFu's colorful world and can begin preparing for your adventure in the local town shops. Once ready, prepare for a challenge, because battling your way forward in SoulFu is hard. Very fun, but hard. Control takes a bit time to get used to, but all the fun stuff you can find when exploring makes you want to continue despite difficulty. I won't spoil things, but there are some unexpected and awesome things to discover and the game has many stages and much variation.

Now, SoulFu has one problem which keeps it from being an almost perfect top-title and that is it's multiplayer. The game "almost" has networked multiplayer, but it isn't fully implemented yet. And while exploring on your own is fun, playing this game together with friends over the net would be amazing.

Still, SoulFu feels very thought-through and hopefully multiplayer will be implemented some day due to it's open nature. Either way, you should give it a try for it's single player mode alone. It is that good. And if you need a guide, check this forum post.

Oh, and despite the Buy-button in the menu, the game is free. It once had some kind of commercial licence, which has now been replaced with an open one.

The colorful cell-shaded graphics really stand out among other PC games.

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