Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Energy Tycoon

Time for some simulation strategy, in the form of Energy Tycoon. Want to try the role of a big energy company, providing electric power to those in need while keeping your customers happy? Here's the game for you! You have to balance supply and demand while keeping up with research and environmental issues. Build various types of power-plants, upgrade them to increase output and decrease emissions and aim for as many customers as possible. A concept as simple as brilliant, Energy Tycoon puts it all together very well in a very complete package. Graphics are good and the game is nicely polished, (yeah, I really like using that word. ;)  And with several maps and built-in tutorials there's plenty to try out. Another open-source gem, Energy Tycoon is worth a download.

There's lots of little buttons, but the included tutorials explain it all.

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