Wednesday, 9 October 2013


If you think games like Xonotic and Red Eclipse have way too much game-modes, options and mutators, minimalistic classic-style FPS Quake2World might be something for you. Designed to bring classic Quake-style fragging into a modern age, it shuns all complication to bring straightforward shooting in fun and fast matches. It's online only, no bots or anything, so menus are simple and are really just there to let you find a server. But once there, the appeal of Quake2World becomes appearant: the classic gameplay does have it's charm and the modern graphics gives you some awesome backgrounds to look at while play it. Not for everyone, but a nice game that does what it intends to do very well. Just remember to keep it updated, as new releases are out often. Get it here!

Graphics are indeed very shiny.

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