Sunday, 11 December 2016


HyperRogue certainly fits in the "unique" category. This roguelike has a very special premise: it is set in a non-euclidian world; specifically it takes place on a hyperbolic plane. But if that sounds like techno-babble to you, just think of it as a game set in a world where the normal notions 2 or 3 dimensions work a bit differently and everything is very trippy. HyperRogue is not only a mathematical experiment, it's also a full roguelike consisting of 44 worlds with various gameplay mechanics and an adaptive difficulty and scoring system.
It also looks very cool!

It takes a while to get your head around HyperRogue, but it is surprisingly simple to play.


  1. If you shell out the 5 euros (or regional equivalent) on steam (or the lower price on and ask the dev for a steam key to go with your purchase), you'll not only get more lands, but also an improved 3d look and animations for enemy movement.

    I recently started playing this and I've already sunk 16 hours into it.

    The free & open-source version usually gets the latest updates delayed by a couple hundred days, so you're free to wait, too.

    1. Oh, and I almost forgot: the game has a whole bunch of special game modes, including a real-time mode and also local multi-player (for both turn-based and real-time play)