Saturday, 10 December 2016


I had no idea Hurrican was open source! This 2D action run-and-gun, inspired by the classic Turrican, not only has super smooth gameplay and jaw-dropping graphics, it's also complete and features nine worlds and two-player local co-op. Get those gamepads ready and go blast stuff!

I'm so impressed by how good the graphics in Hurrican looks. Super-polished and so very detailed!


  1. Too bad that the game is Windows-only. I was interested to try it, but I use only Linux now because I finally ditched Windows for good after my Windows 7 installation broke and the whole privacy mess with Windows 10.

    Also, the source code comments and many variable and class names are in German, which will make it more difficult to find contributers that might port the game to other platforms.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that too. I usually want to list games with a Linux binary since I use Linux myself since 10 years, for the same reasons you mention. ;)

    I though I saw a binary somewhere, but I might be wrong. There are very few dependencies though, perhaps you could try compiling it. I found some instructions here. They are in German, but the commands should work anyway. :)

    If you run Ubuntu, submitting the code to might help too. ;)

  3. actually the original is proprietary with these clauses:

    modify it
    learn from it
    laugh about it
    use it to port the game to other platforms
    fix bugs :D
    release your own game
    " and "If you plan to use assets from the game in a COMMERCIAL release, please contact me"

    a later new maintainer, Pickle136, added "All changes by myself within exisiting files are under the same copyright as the original source. All original files are under the MIT license."

    still a later maintainer, "provided under the same license as Pickle136 stated above."

    the project is mostly proprietary, therefore proprietary, despite source availability. It's open sourceness depends entirely on one's definition of "Open Source". It does not fit OSI or FSD. Now if the later maintainers changed to GPL version 3, then this would fit the Free Software definition via Section 7 exceptions.

  4. I would agree that it's not fully FOSS as you say. But for this blog I'm sometimes being lenient, especially when it comes to art assets and such. It seems this game has reached new platforms due to the code available at least, and many other projects with unfree data and such has received new, Free assets. So I list those here as well. :)