Friday, 22 April 2016

Red Eclipse: Horizon

Now this is some amazing news! Epic parcour-focused multiplayer FPS Red Eclipse will receive a single-player campaign-based spin off, called Red Eclipse: Horizon. Development has pretty much just started, but this should be fantastic. The game will use the Tesseract engine, which brings some really impressive lighting models, among other things. The campaign will focus on puzzles, parkour, and avoidance - not unlike Mirrors Edge. The only graphics there is to show at the moment is a very early test level, seen below. But considering how great Red Eclipse both plays and looks, this project has all the makings for success. Free games with single-player campaigns like this are sadly quite rare, so I'll be watching this closely!

This is a very early screen, and only a test level. But this will be amazing, mark my words. :)

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