Sunday, 13 April 2014

Heroes of Wesnoth

Heroes of Wesnoth is actually another of those abandoned projects, but I found it so interesting I couldn't just put it in a list. It deserves it's own post. Why? Because it's a free Heroes of Might & Magic clone, set in the same universe as the gigantic foss-project Battle for Wesnoth. (I really should write about it here some day soon!) While the turn based strategy of Battle for Wesnoth didn't really appeal to me, the Heroes of Might & Magic series has always been a favorite. I really hope Heroes of Wesnoth could get close to the perfect balance and rewarding gameplay of the original Heroes-games. I don't know how complete the game is, as there is currently only source code available and I haven't tried compiling it. I added a request to package it for Ubuntu to the awesome people at GetDeb though, so maybe I can try it soon. Either way, if there is one open project I'd really would like to see revived, this is very likely to be it!

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