Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I realize I'm covering a lot of FPS games currently, but for some reason many big popular free games are in that genre. And since I really like them myself, this just sort of happened. Therefore, I'd like to present Unvanquished! It's one of the more complex and unique titles of it's kind, mainly due to it's RTS elements. Both teams, Humans vs Aliens, not only have to destroy each other, but build various structures in order to protect their base and get better equipment. It's an awesome gameplay element, making the game a lot more strategic than most FPS titles. It's also interesting how this makes levels more dynamic, as you can suddenly run into a turret which wasn't there before, etc. Unvanquished also features some really nice graphics and a very polished interface. It's a joy to play, and it's development pace is very rapid, with new features being added every month. This is among the best the open community has to offer, so download it now!

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