Wednesday, 5 March 2014


To counter the tide of FPS games listed on this page, it's now time for a bit of Action-RPG. FLARE is a very impressive project, with the goal to create a Diablo-like hack-n-slash:er. Character classes, ability trees, level ups, legendary equipment and lots of stats is all included, together with some very impressive artwork and a great feel of polish. While many awesome features are still in the making, and the currently included quest isn't all that long, considering how well done this is I have no doubt good things will come to those who wait. FLARE will soon be even greater than today. The only complaint I have is that it's is limited to single player. If there was a multiplayer mode, this would be a LAN-party favorite!
You might want to wait for the next release before trying FLARE. Judging from the blog, the wait will probably be worth it. But if you are aching to try it out now, download is here.

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