Thursday, 26 September 2013


More retro-goodness today, as another childhood favorite of mine has an excellent open source remake. The classic Marble Madness takes a modern form in the game Trackballs. Rolling a marble through various hazard-filled labyrints, always on the edge of falling off, Trackballs is a constant challenge. Balancing and using momentum to your advantage is a hard task, but well-tuned physics makes it possible and enjoyable. Great variation in levels as well as quite good graphics is another plus. Sure, Trackballs could use a small amount of tuning here and there, but overall it's a nice project, well deserving a try. Lots of levels and challenges await, with additional ones available on the games homepage.
Get it here, or from your favorite package manager.

This is an easy map, you can see this because of the lack of spikes and other deadly stuff.

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