Thursday, 26 September 2013

Battle Tanks

This is turning into arcade week, because the next one up is Battle Tanks. Quite descriptive, Battle Tanks involve just that, tanks trying to shoot each other in a very fast pace. It's another of those small games perfect for a quick match with friends. It's very multiplayer-focused and contains both splitscreen-mode for local play and networked multiplayer for additional players. It's easy to explain: run around, jump into a tank, quickly grab any in the bunch of available weapons and proceed to attack the other players. Fun and frantic, Battle Tanks is best for a few short matches, but nice options such as co-op play and decent 2D graphics gives it a bit of lasting power. Not a mind-blower, but good old-school fun. Battle Tanks is worth a try.

Graphics are nice, but a bit inconsistent. You won't mind in the middle of all action though.

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