Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Neverball is another of those games that just "click"; where gameplay and presentation come together so well you just can't help but want to play it again and again. Tasked with rolling a ball through various obstacle-filled courses by tilting the entire level, Neverball is a tricky game that puts both coordination and reaction to the test. Variation is great and each level, of which there are more than a hundred, presents a new challenge, often introducing new elements to the concept. This makes the game feel fresh all the way through, even though the main idea is quite simple.

An important thing is that Neverball tracks your progress, and every finished level unlocks a new and gives you a mark on the one you just completed. This gives the game a very nice feel of progress and a sense of satisfaction, as you can really feel you accomplish something while playing through the game. This is something I feel more open games need. For some reason, unlocking a game piece by piece is more fun that having a full serving of content available from the beginning. Also, online highscore lists help the sense of achievement further, if you are interested in that sort of thing.
Neverball also has a very polished presentation and nice, colorful graphics. While nothing advanced, the game looks good and the design does it's job well, making the game feel interesting through the various levels.

A fun bonus is the related game Neverput, which is a mini-golf style game using the same engine and assets. While not as fun as the main game, it's a cool extra which deserves a try.

All in all, Neverball is an excellent and very well made game, providing a lot of challenge and a great sense of achievement. It's possible to put down much time into this one, so better start now! Get it here!

Colorful and fun, Neverball really pulls you in!

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