Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Frozen Bubble

Another true classic, Frozen Bubble, deserves a mention. Not only because it is highly addictive and very well-polished, but also because of it's excellent multiplayer mode. A variation of the classic bubble-popping game, Frozen Bubble has the player trying to aim and shoot bubbles in order to match three or more. When this happens bubbles will fall down and once all bubbles are gone a level is won. It's fast, simple and very addictive.

Probably the best game I've played of this kind, Frozen Bubble contains hundreds of levels, a level editor, extremely well-made graphics and nice sound effects and music. Everything plays smooth and just "feels" right, making the whole package shine. And as mentioned, multiplayer is fantastic. Two players can face off in a split-screen duel, perfect for a quick match when traveling or on a short break, and in LAN/Internet-mode, up to five players can join for even more fun.

Perfect for a quick play now and then, or for a longer session when you are tired of more complex games. You really should have Frozen Bubble laying around your computer! Get it here!

As you can see, Frozen Bubble looks very nice and polished.

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