Tuesday, 8 November 2016

0 A.D. - Alpha 21

0 A.D. - one of the most impressive games in it's genre that I know of - has got another humongous release: Alpha 21! Don't let the word alpha fool you, this game is already more complete than most big-name finished and released titles. And this version adds a very long list of additions:

First off there are new game modes: in Herocide/Regicide each player starts with a hero and loses the game when it dies, Wonder Victory have got options to delay the win until other players have had the chance to interfere with the wonder-builders victory and in Last Man Standing you can guess how alliances can shift during the course of the game when only one player will remain until the end. Moreover, a whole new faction, the Seleucid has been added, complete with unique buildings. There are also several other new buildings and models, new champions, units can be set to patrol areas, team bonuses can make certain buildings affect the whole team and buildings and units can be upgraded (a sentry tower can become a stronger defense tower, for example). There are also many new maps: both pre-built skirmish maps and a whole bunch of new random map settings. Together with improvements to random map generation these will provide some very fun and varied maps to play on. Finally, a whole host of user interface improvements have been implemented, together with usual array of smaller fixes and such.

If you even remotely interested in strategy games, I urge you to give this a try. It really is a very impressive and fun game, especially when played together with friends.

The new Seleucid buildings from 0 A.D. in all their glory.

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