Thursday, 26 May 2016

Chaotic Rage

You would think that, writing a blog like this, you'll have a decent view of what is available in the FOSS gaming world. But exceedingly often I find something I have completely overlooked or missed. Chaotic Rage is such a game. It's a zombie shooter with a perspective that can be switched from top down all the way down to first person, giving it a very unique touch. There's a wide range of weapons available. There is even vehicles to drive, including tanks, helicopters and trains (!). Combine that with weather effects, destructable environments and physics and you have the perfect setup for a great multiplayer time. Yep, the game has indeed multiplayer support, both networked and splitscreen. I'm very excited about this project - it sounds both fun and impressive and there isn't many Free games like it. Sadly it seems development is no longer active, but there is some activity on GitHub, so maybe development will be continued in some way. Otherwise, it seems rather complete and playable, so have a go!

This clear view of the landscape is rather rare in action games, and makes for some interesting gameplay variation.

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