Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bos Wars

I have a thing for RTS games, so I'm always looking out extra for those. One such Free game is Bos Wars, which I have played a lot during the years. It's very classical; gather resources, build bases, recruit troops and wage war. The economy is a bit dynamic though since you always have a continuous stream of energy coming in. Because of this, controlling larger parts of the map becomes more important than turtling. Bos Wars has some nice graphics, even though the look of maps could be a bit more uniform. Units and buildings look great however, and the GUI is good. It's a finished and polished game, though I'd love a new release with even more improvements. Awesome RTS gaming, alone or in multiplayer!

A classic look that is easy to get into. Lots of little details feel right at home, like the nice radar in the top-right.

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