Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Dark Mod 2.03

The Dark Mod is a first person stealth-game, not unlike the classic Thief series. Sneaking around in an impressive gothic steampunk environment, you have to complete various missions while using both cunning and trickery to avoid getting seen or caught. Extinguish lights, distract guards with noise or create an artificial vine to scale a wall giving you a hidden route; The Dark Mod has many ways to play allowing for a creative approach to solving puzzles and completing levels. It's a very dynamic world, with AI capable of reacting to various events - something I find cool. And you won't run out of challenges quickly, because there are loads of missions that can be downloaded through the built-in downloader. Very polished and impressive game, well worth a try!

Great atmosphere, impressive graphics. This screen is from one of the downloadable additional missions.

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