Friday, 25 March 2016

Petigor's Tale

Petigor's Tale looks like a complete game and seemed to come out of nowhere. It's an action-game where the main character has to fight evil trolls to save his village, meaing lots of hacking and slashing. It's graphics impressed me a lot, having commercial quality and an extremely matching feel to everything. The game uses an engine called Blend4Web, meaning it can be played directly in the browser by going to the above link. I usually don't mention this type of game as I prefer native, downloadable titles, mainly due to not always having a connection, using mobile access that costs money and the fact that playing in the browser feels distracting. But this game was so awesome I had to mention it anyway, and I recommend giving it a try!

Beautiful, no? This is the title screen where you can select one of the available levels.

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