Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I mentioned FreeOrion in a previous post, but realized it hadn't gotten it's own. I absolutely loved the classic Master of Orion II, and FreeOrion is that and much more. Gameplay is classic 4X and might take a little while to get the hand on, but once you do, it's terribly fun. Design your own ships, research new technology, send fleets towards your enemies and rule the galaxy. Awesome stuff. And the fact that FreeOrion has some great artwork and a fantastic GUI doesn't hurt a bit. And don't let the low version number deter you, this is a very complete game. Sure, new features are being planned, but it is fully playable as is. If you have liked any game of this type, FreeOrion is not to be missed.

I can't help but love the scifi-ish look of all this. :)

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