Wednesday, 27 May 2015

F-Droid - Truly Free games for Android

I came across this great program for finding free games and other free software for Android devices called F-Droid. It works like a normal app-store letting you browse through different categories, and just like Googe Play it automatically keeps installed software up to date. If you, like me, want to avoid apps and games full of ads, in-app-payments, microtransactions, malware, etc F-Droid is really great and I found a lot of interesting software there. Once I have tried though it all, I plan on posting a list with my favorite games here on this blog. In the meantime, you can download F-Droid here and start getting better software for your device right now. :)

Also, a cool bonus feature is that F-Droid can act as a library of your own installed applications which can be shared to friends. So if you want to recommend your own apps you can create your own "mini app-store".

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