Wednesday, 21 August 2013


In this first post I'd like start with one of my absolute favorites among all open game projects : Xonotic. Having played the various Unreal Tournament-games perhaps a bit too much, loving their fast-paced dynamic gameplay and their epic  atmospheric graphics, I've looked a long time for a free game that does the same thing. Free first person shooters are not rare, and many of them are very good. Games like Red Eclipse, Alien Arena, Unvanquished and Quake2World all do this very well, and I will cover them on this page eventually, but I still like Xonotic best. Everything from it's impressive level design, vast amounts of content, handy stat-tracking system, stunning graphics and slick menus not only make this in line with the Unreal games, but it actually aims to go beyond them. A goal it may very well achieve if development continues as it does now.

If you want to play competitive online, a bit of co-op with friends locally or just challenge yourself in single-payer missions; are you at all interested in FPS games, try it now! Xonotic is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS. You can get it Here and don't forget to check your Stats after playing.

Xonotic both plays and looks fantastic, if your computer can handle it.

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