Thursday, 22 November 2018

Wyrmsun - 3.4.1

The really enjoyable classic RTS Wyrmsun still has an amazingly rapid development pace. Every day there seems to be something new. The game recently reached a new nice milestone in the form of 3.4.0, that among other things included a new civilization in the form of the Norse, several new buildings for Dwarfs, Teutons and Goblins, a few new units and a whole host of other improvements all around. If you like RTS games and have not yet tried this gem, give it a go!

A dwarven settlement in Wyrmsun.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Planetary Sanitations Inc.

Planetary Sanitations Inc. is a roguelike dungeon-crawler where you assemble a mech and explore various planets fighting hordes of space monsters, finding loot and using said loot to increase your chances for survival. There are only two missions this far (As of version 0.1), but it has an interesting combat system where the different parts of your mech can be destroyed individually. It's also available for Android besides Linux, Windows and MacOS. Definitely a title I will have to keep track of in the future.

Fighting space bugs in Planetary Sanitations.

Friday, 16 November 2018

The Dark Mod - 2.05/2.06

There really is something about The Dark Mod and how it is framed. The moonlit streets, the clockwork designs and the atmospheric font all resonate with me, saying "You will really like this game." And while stealth-games usually isn't my thing I have still played quite a bit of The Dark Mod due to it being so well made. It's also a project that really feels like it has high production values all the way through. Just look at the screen below! Since I mentioned it on this blog last time two new releases has come out with a wealth of improvements in each. 2.05 brought hundreds of new models, making scenes much more interesting and easier to create. There was also a new introductory mission, improved performance, a new AI opponent and loads of other smaller improvements. 2.06 comes with improved visuals, especially regarding shadows which can now be soft instead of sharp, EAX sound effects for all users, menu improvements, more new assets and a lot of other things including performance and gameplay improvements. All in all a very polished game with loads of content that needs to be experienced.

Soft shadows displayed in The Dark Mod.

Monday, 12 November 2018


EasyRPG is a role playing game creation tool. It is inspired by the similar software RPG Maker and EasyRPG is also compatible with RPG Maker 2000/2003 games. The player seems further along than the editor, but the latest release certainly seems massive and there a loads of supported platforms, so you can get this to run on most devices if you feel like playing a few classic RPG:s.

A test-game loaded into the EasyRPG player.

Friday, 9 November 2018

C-Dogs SDL 0.6.6 - 0.6.8

More than a year ago since I last mentioned the classic multiplayer shooter C-Dogs! There has been several releases with lots of new stuff. Two new spooky campaigns (though I saw this a bit late for Halloween!), several HUD-improvements, semi-transparency effects, a separate key for throwing grenades (trust me, that is useful) and more. To get a full overview of all new stuff, have a look at the projects news section!

C-Dogs showing off the new grenade-button.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

OpenRA - 20180923

The extremely polished recreation of the classic Command & Conquer-games (as well as Dune 2000), OpenRA, keeps the banner high with regular releases. The latest is called 20180923 and includes several months worth of work. There is a new player account system bringing together more aspects of the games online community, several UI improvements, AppImage packages, performance improvements and many other fixes, balancing and tweaks. The Mod SDK has received large improvements too, and many interesting mods seem to be in the work. Personally I love the fact that one of them attempts to recreate another classic RTS: KKND.

New mouse-overs displays hints in OpenRA.