Monday, 4 July 2016

Red Eclipse 1.5.5 - Elysium Edition

I was away just slightly over a week, and suddenly there are loads of big Free Game News. :D This of course makes me happy, and hopefully there will be a bunch of posts in the coming days. First up is one of my all-time favs: Parcour-FPS Red Eclipse. This new version is called Elysium Edition and has the number 1.5.5. Perhaps the coolest feature from this release is online game statistics. That's right, you can now track yours and others progress online, reviewing matches and servers and all sorts of other stats. There is also a new spawn-weapon: Claws, some new mutators, lots of new vanity items, improved menus and several improvements to maps and assets. It's an impressive release, which you can download here.

Action is quick and frantic and looks impressive in Red Eclipse.

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