Friday, 18 March 2016

Wyrmsun 2.0

I have tried to wait with posting about Wyrmsun until this release, but it hasn't been easy since it's such a fantastic game. Now 2.0 is out, and I can post! :)

Wyrmsun is both a classic style RTS, but also adds a whole slew of innovation and more modern additions to the mix. There are loads of content, an amazing amount of polish and most important of all, it's really, really fun. Both when playing alone or in multiplayer. Perhaps the most interesting part is the so-called Grand Strategy mode, which acts like a campaign with various missions and mixes real-time battles with resource-management on an overworld map. Full campaigns are quite rare in Free games, so this is certainly a nice addition.

I could heap more praise upon this, such as how cool small details like the name generation system for things in the game is. But I'll let you discover that. This is a must download if you like strategy games!

Building bases, gathering resources, upgrading stuff - I love optimizing and resource management. :)

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