Monday, 29 February 2016

Godot 2.0

I usually don't post about game dev tools, engines or the like unless they are connected to a certain game or such. I want this blog to be about games that you can download and play immediately after you read about them. But Godot Engine is such an excellent tool I'm making an exception.

As a game developer myself, I can say I have tried several tools/engines of this kind, but Godot is the one I have liked, and used, the most. There were a few usability issues before which kept me from adopting it completely, but the main focus of release 2.0 has been improving the user experience, and now I have pretty much nothing to complain about anymore. It's a fantastic upgrade to an already very capable engine.

Godot is multiplatform, can export to a whole bunch of platforms, is completely open source and has everything from a great code-editor to a fully-fledged animation system built in. If you are interested in making games, no matter what kind, you really should check this out.

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