Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Duck Marines

This project just came to my attention through another nice blog, and I found it so interesting I just had to mention it here, despite being so early in development. (I usually only post games that have some sort of "official" release ready to download.)

Anyway, Duck Marines is a remake of the Dreamcast classic Chu Chu Rocket; a fantastic party game I can recommend everyone who happens upon a Sega Dreamcast somewhere. The goal is to lead as many Ducks into your base as possible by placing arrows on the playing field. Sounds simple, but each of up to four players does this at the same time, so the playing field is constantly changing. There are moments of perfect strategy as well as total chaos and trying to keep up with all the crazy is pretty much what made the original Chu Chu Rocket so fun. Hopefully Duck Marines will manage to capture that feeling. Judging from the simple but very well drawn artwork, that could very well be the case.

There are no binaries to run yet, but if you dare you can check out the source-code here. Otherwise, just bookmark that page and hope for a release soon! :)

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