Monday, 10 February 2014

Stunt Rally

There hasn't been many racing games here, despite there being many good free ones. So this day I'd like to present the very inpressive Stunt Rally. As the name implies, it's a rally game. Tracks are set in forests, on beaches, in deserts, around mountains, etc. And not only do you get to drive through mud, dirt and water; there's also the stunt part consisting of loops, pipes and corkscrews. It reminds a bit of the classic Stunts and the more modern Trackmania. Gameplay simulation can be switched between beginner and normal, providing a suitable challenge for everyone and there's support for a steering wheel if you have one.

Stunt Rally is updated often, adding more and more features and perfections every time. This has lead to some very nice graphics and loads of content. There's currently 146 tracks, 19 cars and 24 different scenery types. There's even split-screen and online racing!

Stunt Rally requires a good graphics card, but if your computer can handle it you're in for a treat. Get it here!

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