Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Next up in my quest to mention all good free FPS games is Warsow. This one is a bit unique due to it's very special art style. Warsow uses cell-shading to create a comicbook-like environment, complete with matching character styles. It all looks fantastic and the colorful maps and effects really stick out among most shooters of this type, not to mention most PC games. Filled with loads of maps, play modes and configuration options, Warsow is a very complete and well made package. Gameplay is awesome too, with finely tuned controls fit for a great e-Sport title. There is very little new here though, it does pretty much what most other multiplayer FPS games do. It's basic running, jumping and shooting but, apart from it's graphics, without a twist that makes it more interesting than it's competitors. It does have a few quite interesting game modes though, like a mode where ammo and resources are tied to each team and a class-based CTF mode. There's also stat-tracking online which is always fun if you want to play seriously, and the ability to customize the in-game interface to minute detail through scripting is cool.
I guess the argument of not doing something new can be applied to most games of this type, but for some reason Warsow wasn't really for me despite how well made it is. But if you are interested in e-Sport you really should give it a try!

Pigs and laserguns, this game has some crazy awesome artwork.

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