Wednesday, 18 September 2013


More RTS goodness, this time in the form of Zero-K! Action-packed and shiny like few, Zero-K is another very impressive open project, focusing on quick dynamic matches of realtime strategy. What strikes you first in Zero-K is how epic the game feels, with hundreds of units battling it out with amazing level of detail, fantastic special effects and awesome physics. With a uniform design and lots of time put into both assets and engine, Zero-K is among the best looking games in it's genre. It is also a very well balanced game, something necessary, since competitive play between players is it's main focus. Playing against bots is possible, but not recommended. Instead, Zero-K has something as impressive as an online multiplayer campaign called "Planet Wars", where players can join up and compete for control of the galaxy. I haven't actually tried this yet; I doubt I'm good enough to stand a chance. But the idea is really cool and unique.
Zero-K also has more in the way of unique features: terraforming functions to shape the map to suit your tactics and super-strong commanders to suit your playing style are among the more interesting.

Learning to play Zero-K is a bit of a challenge, but everything from constant upgrades to online campaigns and community ladders makes it worth it for those who really want to invest their time into it. And thankfully, there is a great Newbie Guide to read if you want a quick start.

Zero-K may not be for everyone, but the work put into this project seems staggering and many of it's features few other open games do. Anyone interested in a more complex yet action-filled strategy-game should consider this a must-try! Get it here!

I think you can image how awesome this looks in motion...

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